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06 June 2010 @ 20:29
7. Coffee  
SuJu 100 challenge
Theme #9-Coffee
Title: Coffee
Pairing: Donghae/Eunhyuk
Rating: PG
Word count: 610, not as long as I’d like tbh
Summary: Donghae has a surprise one day
A/N: It gets kinda rambly near the middle :/ but enjoy anyway!~

Things have been difficult for you ever since your dad died. He was your rock, your shoulder to cry on, and now that he was gone, you had nothing, nobody. Your mother had left when you were still small and you’ve lost contact with all your high school friends. Even Kibum, your best friend since forever had moved back to America to be with his family, and one day had just stopped calling.

“Bastard,” you thought bitterly. “After all I’ve ever done for him.”

And it was after that day that your life took a complete downward spiral. Sometimes, just to clear your head, you’d go to a nearby beach and skip stones absentmindedly; one after another. You’d watch them splash, two, three, four times before stopping and slowly sinking to the bottom. You like it here; it’s peaceful and you can just sit and stare all you like uninterrupted. That is, until one day about 3 weeks since you started coming here. You were just sitting there, like usual, skipping stones and letting your thoughts carry you away, when a sudden noise jolts you back to earth. You think nothing of it for a minute until you hear it again. And again. And the next thing you know, you’re being rugby tackled by a huge dog.

When you finally manage to free yourself, you’re too flustered to do anything else but flop back down into the sand.

“Are you okay? Sorry about my dog,” laughs a mysterious, yet beautiful, voice. “He can be a little overpowering sometimes!”

You tilt your head up and open your mouth, ready to acknowledge the owner of The Voice, but as soon as the words entered your head they were gone again.

“Are you okay?” the stranger repeats, leaning down to check you for injuries. “It doesn’t look as if there’s any injury but maybe you should go to the hospital to ma-“

You suddenly find your voice, and cut him off from what he was saying.

“No, no hyung, I’m fine, honestly.” You manage a weak smile.

“Okay well if you’re sure.” He smiles back.


“Okay, well actually I was just on my way to take my dog home and then I was going to grab a coffee. Wanna join me?”

“Y-y-yeah” is all you can manage to stutter because words cant describe how much you want to go and have a coffee with this beautiful man.


You’ve never been so nervous in your life, as you sit opposite him in a small café. You’d been silent all the way on the walk down here, frightened of saying something stupid; preferring to say nothing at all. He was the first to speak.

“What do you want to drink?”

“Urm, I’ll have a latte please.”

“Sure thing, I’ll be right back”

And then he left you to continue your silence.

When he finally came back, he handed you your drink (to which you mumbled “Thanks”) and outstretched his arm towards you.

“Oh, how rude of me, I never introduced myself. I’m Lee Hyukjae”

“Lee Donghae” you reply, suddenly feeling more comfortable now that you at least know his name.

The rest of the afternoon goes relatively smoothly, and you never want it to end. This is the most wanted you’ve felt since your father died, and not only that, but you think that you may be falling for this beautiful stranger. When the meeting finally ends, you walk home feeling as if you’re on cloud nine. You still can’t quite believe how perfect your life’s gone all of a sudden, all because of a walk on the beach and a cup of coffee.
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lindeyyylindeyyy on 6th June 2010 21:09 (UTC)
LOLOLOLOL I'm gonna lose this DD: I keep writing pointless drabbles that aren't even 100 words

And yesss, EunHae :D
Katiei_love_kibum on 8th June 2010 18:52 (UTC)
yes you will and i will have my kiseob fic >:]

and i only paired them for the prupose of this challenge, dont get used to it :L