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08 May 2010 @ 23:49
95. Drowning  
SuJu 100 challenge
Theme #95-Drowning
Title: Near-Death Experiences
Pairing: Yesung/Yesung
Rating: PG
Word count: 234
Genre: AU
A/N: a fic i wrote a while back, sorry it's taken so long to post~

The water rises and rises until you’re way out of your depth. You taste the saltiness in your mouth, feel your lungs filling rapidly and you panic. You can faintly hear someone screaming your name in anguish, and it kills you to know there’s nothing you can do. Your brain goes onto overdrive, and you can’t help but think I’m gonna die. You want to make your arms move, your legs work, so that you can get out of this hell, but they feel like dead weights against your fast failing body. You try to stay calm but you can’t breathe and your throat is starting to burn. You make yourself think about how you got into this mess. I was on a boat, you recall, I was on a boat, and then something happened, and now I’m here, and oh God why cant I remember what happened?!
You’re nearly in despair because you can’t make your brain work properly, as if being so near death wasn’t bad enough. You don’t want to die, not yet, but the idea of death seems good to you right now. Anything to get me out of this… you think, morbidly. You’re drifting in and out of consciousness and you’re certain you’re at death’s door, when suddenly you feel a pair of strong arms around you, the rush of water as they drag you out, and then, nothing.
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